meet the Team

of our spaces

Lara Croft

Community Manager

Creating a vibrant and inclusive community isn’t just a job for Lara, it’s a way of life. When she’s not networking in our space, she can be found exploring local coffee shops or organizing community events. With a background in communications, she also has a passion for making cookies, which adds a unique warmth to our family.

Maria Sanchez

Operations Specialist

Precision is Maria’s forte, both in managing logistics and pursuing yoga and culinary adventures. With 4 years of expertise in operations, she ensures that every aspect of our space runs seamlessly, delivering a comfortable and efficient environment for our members.

Jack Sparrow

Technology Wizard

Jack is the tech maestro shaping our digital future. When not optimizing our digital infrastructure, he can be found indulging in coding side projects or gaming. With a background in Software Engineer’s field, his passion for repairing something broken ensures our members experience cutting-edge technology and seamless connectivity.